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Benvenuti to all my lovely Loyal and New Followers

December colours below our villa. Photo P Finnigan

December colours along our track.
Photo P Finnigan

The December valley below us. Photo P Finnigan

The December valley below us.
Photo P Finnigan

If you have not visited Tuscany in the winter you will have missed out on the fabulous Autumn colours that continue through to March.  We have thousands of small-leaved Oak Trees in this area and right now they are glowing a luminous copper in the sunshine.  It is seriously breathtaking and whilst it is difficult to capture the true colour and magic, I have enclosed a couple of photos for you to enjoy.  Of course we are very lucky to have several evergreens of varying colours including the silver grey-green of the Olive Tree, so the countryside never looks bleak.  The Italians celebrate the festive season much the same as northern Europeans and the Christmas Tree is very popular.  Sadley, Certaldo has failed again with their big tree in the main piazza; it always looks half-dead the moment it arrives!  But hey ho, this does not quell the festive spirit in the town.

Big cheeses or strange fruit? Photo J Finnigan

Big cheeses or strange fruit?
Photo J Finnigan

Yesterday, Saturday, we arrived in Certaldo for morning coffee and I was delighted to see the Christmas Market being set up.  Sadley, at half past eight, we were a little early to see it fully ready, however, I did spot a handbag stand and one selling these amazing big cheeses.  Now I asked what they were called and then clean forgot when I got home, so perhaps one of you very knowledgable foodies out there can remind me!  More importantly, I bought a lovely handmade rustic owl, which will be part of my Christmas display back at the villa.  There are Christmas markets going on all over Tuscany now and the most popular are in Siena and Florence.  Every year there is a German market in the centre of Florence and it is reckoned to be the best in Europe!

December Man Il Nazione

December Man
Il Nazione

Meanwhile, back at Bar Solferino, we settle in to enjoy our coffee and read the papers.  I turn to page three and I find the perfect Italian male, who we shall call December Man.  Now, I know you girlies out there think that all Italian Men are stylish and sexy.  I am afraid I must disappoint you.  Only occasionally do we spot one of these rare breeds and that is why, when I see one in the newspaper or magazine, I share the picture with you.  Most Italian women seem to like their men with scratchy unshaven faces and dark brooding eyes that say ‘feed me, wash my clothes, iron my clothes, have my children….’  Not all, I hasten to add!

My man starts his pre-Christmas diet. Photo J Finnigan

My man starts his pre-Christmas diet.
Photo J Finnigan

Now on the subject of men, my own man wants to lose some weight before Christmas so he can stuff himself silly and drink lots of wine over the festive period.  “Look at this,” he said this morning at Laura’s Bar in Fiano, “I’m going to eat smaller pastries for breakfast!”  “Bravo” I say, as I watch him slowly eat his small chocolaty cream filled pastry.  No, don’t laugh, he is making an effort!  You should see the size of the pastries he normally eats….

Oh, one last thing.  My man has just reminded me that Silvio Berlusconi has been to a hospital in Rome to have his battery changed!  Well, who’d have thought it, I could have sworn he was flesh and blood, but you never can tell these days.  Robots everywhere!

Well, enough of that.  Things to do, places to go and people to see.

Have a really great week and do drop me a line.

Salute June x

PS Visit my book site at http://www.amazon.com/author/junefinnigan

'My Father, The Assassin'. Book one in the series.

‘My Father, The Assassin’. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection' Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.


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A Festive welcome to all my Loyal and New Followers

Early Christmas Morning, thick fog fills the valley below our villa. Photo P Finnigan

Early Sunday morning before Christmas, thick fog fills the valley below our villa.
Photo P Finnigan

“Oh no, we’ve got another one and he’s moving at the speed of a striking slug!” My man gasped.  We had pulled in behind a battered old Fiat at the self-service petrol pump, and the equally battered old driver was struggling to understand the money machine that paid for the petrol and then sent instructions to the pump.  As there had been a queue of just one, we had decided to stop for petrol at this cheaper pump, rather than the other one that was serviced, and as we did so, another car pulled in behind and trapped us in.  We watched in horror as the doddery old boy tapped at various buttons and then went to open his petrol cap.  Meanwhile, his driver’s door was wide open.  He then went around to the passenger door and opened that as well, leaned in and rummaged a bit, then returned to the pump forgetting to close it.  He then went to talk to the proprietor, who came over to help out.  Finally, he got into the car to drive away with his petrol cap and passenger door still open, so I leapt (well hauled myself) out of our car to warn him.  Meanwhile, the Italians now queuing up behind us were quite naturally sounding their horns.  You may ask why have I told you about this, well living in Italy, some things just have to be said.

Christmas morning Fiorentino Iris in the garden. Photo J Finnigan

Christmas morning Fiorentino Iris in the garden.
Photo J Finnigan

The Following day was Monday and we set off early, all bright and bushy tailed, for IKEA near Florence, as I was determined to get a new kitchen dresser before Christmas.  I won’t bore you with the visit, apart from mentioning the hilarious site of a chappy trying to squeeze massive boxes into a tiny car.  Half an hour later he had taken it all out, tried another way and failed miserably.  “Look at that idiot, he’s got a roof rack, why is he not using it?”  My man scoffed.  Why indeed?  The next morning, Tuesday, we took the time out to put the new dresser together.  Never have I experienced such a complicated and lengthy process, just to have our glasses and china sitting in a nice off-white glass cabinet.  After two hours I decided to pop some veggies in the oven to roast.  An hour later, they were all cooked so I turned the oven off and left them to keep warm.  Another hour later and we had finally finished the cabinet!  The roasted veggies were black and unidentifiable, but we were so hungry we ate them anyway, washed down with a good Pinot Grigio.  Never again!

The view from the sofa on Christmas Day Evening. Photo J Finnigan

The view from the sofa on Christmas Day Evening.
Photo J Finnigan

Christmas day arrived.  This is the only day of the year when my man cooks.  I still need to supervise and hurry things along, because if he’s left to his own devices he’ll take four hours or more to achieve what a normal person does in half an hour!  But it’s the thought that counts.  I defrosted some plums that we had picked in the garden a few months earlier and made some lovely creamy desserts, whilst looking over my shoulder and giving directions as needed.  He had bought some parsnips in England and brought them home on his last trip, so we had some lovely roast potatoes and vegis, with red peppers packed with a nutty stuffing, topped with scamorza cheese.  Yummy.

Chocolate Fountain and dips. Photo P Finnigan

Chocolate Fountain and dips.
Photo P Finnigan

On Boxing Day, we bootled off to our daughter’s new home between San Gimignano and Volterra for present opening and lunch with the grandkids.  A perfect family day of course, lovely lunch followed by the excitment of a new Chocolate Fountain Machine, which gurgled hot melted chocolate up and over, well yes, a little fountain.  We dipped fruit, biscuits and cake into the chocolate and our grandson became so mesmarised that we had to prize his attention away before he made himself irreversibly sick!

Giorgio waits to be noticed, his paw slightly raised.

Giorgio waits to be noticed, his paw slightly raised. Photo J Finnigan

Another highlight of my Christmas was a plate of gluten free mini-macaroons and sweet desserts, handed in by my lovely neighbour and celebrity cook Judy Witts-Francini.  This was such a treat for me; thank you so much Judy xx

And finally, to all our friends in Fiano for the festive chat and shouts of ‘Auguri’ from all and sundry, and we do hope that Giorgio the cat did get rewarded for his long wait outside the butchers.

Do drop me a line and I would really love it if you happened to read ‘My Father, The Assassin’ over the holiday and left a review on Amazon.

Tanti Auguri June xx

PS here is the direct link for ‘My Father, The Assassin’.







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Benvenuti to all my Loyal and New Followers

Crumbling cliffs below our villa. Photo J Finnigan

Crumbling cliffs below our villa.
Photo J Finnigan

One minute I was happily writing at my keyboard, the next me and my desk are swaying from side to side for a long and unnerving five seconds!  A rumbling and groaning noise accompanied this rather queasy experience, and it was to happen three times more during last Friday.  No this was nothing to do with my man’s amorous intentions, it was in fact an earthquake, yes a real one.  In the evening we drove over to our lovely Bavarian friends who live across the valley, and whilst we were sat at their kitchen bar, there was another brief further rumble, but we carried on enjoying ourselves regardless.  Of course in the morning we received numerous messages like ‘Did the earth move for you yesterday?’  But thank you to all the well wishers, and yes we are all OK.  Fortunately we were a couple of miles from the epicentre, however, we read in the paper that several families had spent the night outside for fear of having their homes crash down on top of them!  The Italians are very good at barbeques and outside pizza ovens, so most survived well fed and unscathed.  I had a dream not so long ago, that our little villa had slid down the hill and then over the cliff at the bottom.  But we just floated through the air and landed safely.  So I am convinced that we are protected by the Roman Gods.

Ha ha, moving? Photo Discover Tuscany

Ha ha, moving?
Photo Discover Tuscany

My man returned from England last Sunday, with our fourteen year old grandson who is home from his UK school for the Christmas holidays.  Yet again, the trains were on strike, so the guys and our daughter traveled by bus first to Florence, and then had to change for Poggibonsi, which is near Siena.  Amazingly they arrived only an hour later than they would have done on the train.  But the strikes in Italy are getting more frequent.  A week ago there was a general strike so absolutely nothing functioned for a day.   If you want to travel to Italy, double-check with your flights, trains and buses if there is likely to be strike action, particularly the day before you go.  If you are already in Italy, keep your wine cellar stocked up.

Then there are the worsening taxes in Italy!  Small businesses are now really struggling to survive as customers can no longer afford to shop like they used to and business taxes have gone up yet again!  It is sad to witness, particularly as it is affecting people we know and have enjoyed doing business with.  There are posters up with a picture of the prime Minister Matteo Renzi and the words below are, in Italian of course, ‘Renzi has wet his pants!’  We are not sure exactly why, but one can guess that the electorate are starting to believe that he is still in nappies and too inexperienced to make grown up decisions, like saving the country from ruin!  Someone may like to correct me here,

Anna and I enjoying a chat over lunch at La Raccolto in Florence PHoto P Finnigan

Anna and I enjoying a chat over lunch at La Raccolta in Florence
Photo P Finnigan

if they know a better reason.  Perhaps he did ‘wet his pants!’

My new painting next to the fireplace in our sitting room Photo J Finnigan

My new painting next to the fireplace in our sitting room
Photo J Finnigan

But enough of that.  Our week has otherwise been really good.  We have dined out several times, firstly at ‘Osteria Sosta di Pio’ near Poggibonsi for sunday lunch, with a new Australian friend Simona at ‘C’era Una Volta Ristorante’, with Anna Balzani Editor in Chief of ‘Florence is You’ who introduced us to a lovely new vegi & biological restaurant in Florence called ‘La Raccolta,’  which is also a mini-market http://www.laraccolta.it and of course with our Bavarian friends at their home for supper.  Thank you all for your excellent company.

The other good news is the arrival of an oil painting from England, painted by the very talented artist Mark Loman, from my home town of Exmouth in Devon.  I chose one of Mols Coffee House, a Tudor building in Exeter, as it was owned by my family up until the 1930’s.  So that’s my Christmas present to myself!  Visit http://www.markloman.co.uk

The idol Silvio (Jesu) Berlusconi Photo sdpf

The idol Silvio (Jesu) Berlusconi
Photo sdpf

Meanwhile, back in the land of wine and women, Silvio Berlusconi continues to strut his stuff.  With the present government coming under severe criticism, Silvio is rising from the ashes again like a phoenix.  Back in 2009 he was listed number 141 in the worlds richest men with a net worth of US $9 Billion.  Of course wealth creates wealth so you can guarantee his worth has increased dramatically by now.  So let’s vote him back in, on the proviso that he personally invests in the country and rescues these poor Italians from its crushing economy!

Well, it’s time to go.  We have closed both the UK and Italian office and are now about to celebrate the Festive Season.  I’ve got a pile of presents to wrap and a visit to IKEA lined up, as I am desperate to get some more storage for our little villa.

Have a fabulous Christmas and do drop me a line.  There is still time to download your festive reading, I’d love it if you downloaded ‘My Father, The Assassin’ below.

Tanti Auguri to you and yours.

June xx

ps visit http://www.amazon.co.uk/My-Father-The-Assassin-Finnigan/dp/1481904396/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358800225&sr=8-1



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Benvenuti to all my Lovely Loyal and New Followers

A happy Rudolf at the top of our Christmas Tree Phot J Finnigan

A happy Rudolf at the top of our Christmas Tree
Photo J Finnigan

I love Rudolf the Reindeer, so much so that I have given him and his teddy bear pride of place at the top of our Christmas Tree.  Why should these fairies always get the best vantage point?  I like to see real characters smiling down at me during the festive season, so salute to you my friend Rudolf!

....no it's Erico with his San Carlo delivery! Photo J Finnigan

Erico with his San Carlo Crisps! Photo J Finnigan

Meanwhile, back in our local village of Fiano, I do a double take.  I kid you not, it was early morning so I had not been on the wine yet, I see a two-legged wolf or Husky dog carrying a box into Laura’s bar/alimentare.  Naturally, this was very exciting for me, so I hurried my little legs along and burst in through the door.  There he was, putting things on the shelf and nobody had turned a hair or raised their hackles. (Ha, ha get it?)  So I whizzed out my phone and got a picture.  I rush over to Laura and point at him and she laughs, “It’s only Erico delivering the San Carlo crisps!”  Then he turns round and there’s Erico’s grinning face underneath a fluffy winter animal hat.  We all laugh and he loves it, the festive season is certainly starting to be jolly.

So I sit down at my table and reach for the newspaper.  Sig Rotund has not arrived yet so I quickly get down to reading before he arrives and always wants the sporting pages.  Then, as my lovely hot glass of Caffe Latte arrives, so does Daniel Craig!  My heart misses a beat.  He has a beautiful woman on each arm, but that doesn’t matter, I just move my coffee over and obscure my view of the ladies.  Now I can only see Daniel and he is smiling broadly at me.  I smile back.  He joins me and we have coffee together, not daring to speak in case people start staring.  Sig rotund arrives and asks if I have finished with the newspaper.  Daniel disappears like a puff of smoke back into Aladdin’s lamp.

Coffee with Daniel Craig. Photo J Finnigan

Coffee with Daniel Craig.
Photo J Finnigan

Sunrise casting a golden glow over the Chianti Hills. Photo J Finnigan

Sunrise casting a golden glow over the Chianti Hills.
Photo J Finnigan

Driving back home I am in a dream, thinking that Daniel would be perfect for the part of Dominic in the film version of my book, ‘My Father, The Assassin’.  I know, he’ll be far too expensive, but when he reads the book maybe he’ll offer to do it because he loves the part, rather than charge the earth…..  Well would you believe it, blocking the strada bianca (white track) is an ‘earth’ moving digger!  Hurrah, it’s finally being resurfaced, all the potholes are being filled in, my man will be so pleased.  I wait and watch a glorious sunrise and think ‘life is so good’, and so it is.

Now I must love you and leave you as I have places to go, people to see and things to do.  I’ll up date you on Silvio next time.

Have a fabulous week, do drop me a line and don’t forget to visit Amazon for your last-minute Christmas book orders.  See my direct link below.

Salute June x




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Benvenuti to all my loyal and new followers

I’m a little late in posting this blog, however, I know you will forgive me, it being the season of goodwill. Whilst one tries to relax and do very little, it never seems to work out at Christmas time and now I am wondering where it all went.

Granddaughter Tabby and Christmas Crackers photo P Finnigan

Granddaughter Tabby and Christmas Crackers
photo P Finnigan

We were really pleased to obtain some English Christmas Crackers from Richmond’s English shop in Viarregio, who popped my order in a box that included mince pies, Birds custard, Daddy’s brown sauce & Coleman’s mint sauce and sent it post-haste arriving in time for Christmas!  I have been drizzling the mint sauce over everything!

The Game of Life Photo J Finnigan

The Game of Life
Photo J Finnigan

Our daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren arrived on boxing day and a good time was had by one and all.  The only downside was that no-one wanted me to sing, despite the fact that I know all the words to our favourite carols!  The Grandchildren stayed on for two nights so we thrashed out some very aggressive games of Sorry, preceded by The Game of Life.  Now for this game you need to set aside a couple of hours, particularly as each player goes to university or into business, gets married, has numerous children, buys property, wins awards, gets fined, may climb Everest, become a best-selling novelist or famous pop singer and depending on how successful financially you are, could end up in a little cottage or a grand mansion!  Now our eight year old granddaughter went into business, had four children, overturned her car and her husband fell out, and ended up in the mansion-house.  Our thirteen year old grandson, had no children (much to his relief) went to university, spent a fortune on insurances and ended up in the cottage.  Grandad went to university, had three children and kept taking a chance on the roulette wheel so ended up in the cottage.  Me? Well, amazingly, I published a successful novel, had a million selling pop record, had two children on the way and ended up in the mansion-house!  But who won after counting the remaining cash in our pockets?  It was Grandad!  Typically he had ferreted cash away that we never knew he had, and did not utter one humbug for the rest of the day!

Terry Davies & his team prepare the foundations for the New Year Spettacolo. Photo  J Finnigan

Terry Davies & his team prepare the foundations for the New Year Spettacolo in front of the old cinema.
Photo J Finnigan

In our local village of Fiano, preparations were underway for the New Year celebrations where at midnight, Terry Davies our local potter, will set light to ‘Il spettacolo del forno per Ceramica’.  This is basically a giant wooden kiln that burns quickly away to reveal an amazing ceramic work of art.  The old cinema, which is sadly neglected, is being decked out with artistic banners, festive tables and colourful lighting.  There will be a live band and a bar until dawn!

Due to all the activity and the need to do my own preparations, I am keeping this blog fairly short and hope you enjoy your New Year celebrations as much as we will.

Thank you for reading during 2013 and Buon Anno to all our worldwide friends.

Amore June xx

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Egg shell Tree Decoration

Egg shell Tree Decoration
Photo J Finnigan

It’s so exciting, I feel like a little girl again, our Christmas tree is twinkling with lights and all the presents are wrapped.  I have brought the lovely old-fashioned tree decorations out of storage, made many years ago from eggshells, by an elderly lady in Somerset.  Unfortunately I’m the only one in the family who likes them.   My man is trying not to mumble humbug, however, the carol service I want to go to tomorrow evening is not on his wish list.  Of course, this is the time of year when we want our loved ones to be happy, so there has to be many compromises!  My mother is just short of ninety now and does not understand on-line banking so, despite the difficulty involved in depositing it, I wouldn’t dream of asking her not to send me a cheque.  When we were little kids at Christmas time, sixpence (2.5p sterling) would buy a pretty brooch in Woolworth for my mother, a big bag of fig biscuits, a bag of broken chocolate pieces, balloons,  rolls of coloured crepe paper for making decorations and still leave some change.  My mother still thinks that ten pounds is a lot of money!  My grandfather, bless him, always managed to turn up with a tree and we could guarantee to find a tangerine orange, an apple and nuts in the bottom of our Christmas stockings.

Alessandro enjoying Laura's shoulder massage. Photo J Finnigan

Alessandro enjoying Laura’s shoulder massage.
Photo J Finnigan

Back at Laura’s Alimentari/bar in Fiano, everyone is talking about Natale (Christmas) and it is traditional for Italian family members to return home from all corners of the globe for Mama’s Festive lunch and dinner.  Signore Rotund (Alessandro) used to dress up as Babbo Natale (Father Christmas), but apparently not this year.  Best not to question why, however, he is struggling with a bad knee at present.  This morning he was getting a shoulder massage from Laura whilst reading his sporting pages and he agreed to my taking a picture!  Tomorrow we will be at the Christmas market in Montespertoli with our beautiful daughter and two grandchildren.  There is nothing like a small town Italian piazza  for enjoying a market and, preferably with an aperitivo in hand, watching the bustling world go by .

Today, Saturday, we begin our formal festive holiday; the offices are closed until January 6th.  I bought a box full of DVD’s from Amazon, so we are well and truly set up with good films to see us through to the New Year.  We have also dusted off the board games ready for the grandchildrens’ invasion.

We have just had a visit from our English friend and neighbour Terry, who came with an invite to a New Years Eve Festa in Fiano, where at midnight he will set light to a huge ceramic statue hidden inside a wooden kiln. (He is a very talented potter http://www.terrydavies.it) The sun was warm enough to enjoy a couple of vinos on the terrace, where he updated us on the local scuttlebutt.  Apparently our old house across the valley has just been sold to Australians, so the area is becoming even more cosmopolitan!

Farty Barty's silhouette under the orange tree cover. Photo P Finnigan

Farty Barty’s silhouette under the orange tree cover.
Photo P Finnigan

Farty Barty the cat, is ignoring all the festivity and has been hiding under the cover over the orange trees.  We discovered his hiding place when suddenly a moving lump appeared in the white cover and with the sun shining through it, there was his silhouette.  I may have mentioned that he is currently frightened of a large black tom cat, which is trying to invade his territory.  Subsequently, he has been staying in at night and only venturing out when we are in close proximity!

Meanwhile, here is the latest from the media on the gorgeous Silvio Berlusconi.  Unfortunately, he has just been denied a passport after a legal bid to reclaim it, so is probably feeling a bit down in the dumps.  Now, the Telegraph tells us that his lawyers have dismissed claims that he was filmed having sex with prostitutes in Panama in 2010.  O dio, once tarnished the same brush keeps coming back like a slap in the face.  And to cap it all, poor SB is said to be planning an ‘Austerity Christmas’, forgoing lavish dinners and expensive gifts.  Instead the struggling billionaire will be giving a modest buffet lunch and spending a quiet Christmas with his girlie Francesca and her beloved toy poodle, Dudu.  Ah bless.  Funny though, I thought dudu was a baby’s word for poo!

Well enough of that, its time for lunch, but indoors today, because the sun has moved round and the temperature has dropped.  Then its time to challenge the man to another game of ‘Sorry’.  He’s currently in the lead and we can’t have that now can we?

Have a fabulous Christmas.

Salute and Cin Cin June x

PS don’t forget to visit http://www.firstchapters.net were you can download ‘My Father, The Assassin’ by J W Finnigan at a huge discount!  Auguri.

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Well, from a business point of view we are tying up the loose ends, meeting with valuable associates and contacts for a glass or two,  readying ourselves for a good 2014 and generally winding down.  From a personal point of view, we are winding up for the Festive Season and here in Tuscany a very good time will shortly be had by one and all.

Last Wednesday I spotted a lonely little Christmas tree in the Coop that needed a good home, so as one does, I carefully popped it in the car and brought it home.  For years we have had gigantic trees, often as tall as fifteen feet high, but this was when we had properties of equal size.  We once lived in a converted barn that had an entrance hall about twenty feet high and I bought a tree to fit it.  Unfortunately, I got to the top of the ladder with the fairy and froze, having completely forgotten that I had no head for heights!  My man was fortunately in the house and eventually rescued me.  He also once rescued me in the pacific Ocean when I was snorkeling over a coral reef.  I suddenly found myself floating over a bottomless watery canyon and panicked!  I have to say, my man is my eternal saviour, and it’s not just his commando training, it’s also his amazing stamina when it comes to living with an eccentric writer for donkey’s years!

Back in our local village of Fiano, I spotted a notice about the Christmas Carol Service on 22 December pinned to the front of Laura’s counter and my man has agreed to go.  This will be the first time that we have done this in Tuscany and whilst we are not religious,  I do miss singing carols.  I also happen to know all the words, however, only in English so I hope that our lovely locals will not mind too much as I am their local ‘famous’ writer.  This Friday we will be going into Florence for some festive cheer, lunch and maybe some shopping.  I have pretty much finished the present shopping and got most of it locally.  I do like to support the local shops as, unlike the UK, the huge department stores have not yet taken over the high streets.  It is probably only a matter of time, but for now we can enjoy life the way it used to be in England thirty years ago.

Taglierino del Tartufo

Taglierini del Tartufo Bianco

Before we head into the Festive Gastro season, just a mention that Tartufo Bianco (white truffles) is still being served at ‘C’era una Volta’ our  local ristorante in Lucardo.  For how much longer it’s hard to tell, but I have added a photo to make your mouth water!

Well, I am afraid I must cut things a little short this time as it is already Monday and I have to clear my desk before we can relax for the festive season.  I’ll update you on Silvio next weekend.  Before I forget, I am currently reading ‘Christmas at Carrington’s’ by my good friend Alexandra Brown. If you like romantic festive girliness, you’ll love this book and can find it on Amazon.  You will also find my own book ‘My Father, The Assassin’ by J W Finnigan on Amazon, which is a Romantic Thriller.  If you prefer to download the E-book go to http://www.firstchapters.com where you can currently get a huge discount.

Have a very good week and I’ll see you next weekend.

Salute June x

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