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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

IMG00020-20100501-1931I would like to mention the passing of my lovely Mother-in-Law Marie at the age of 93.  Marie spent just over a year living with us in Tuscany and she absolutely loved the language, the people and the restaurants.  She had learnt a little Italian and, whilst she mispronounced many words, like absolutamente instead of assolutamente, we loved her for it.  She had a marvellous singing voice and could reach all the high notes, singing along to Andrea Bocelli; her favourite was Ave Maria of course!  Forever with us, darling Marie.  Foto P Finnigan

2019-08-17 08.52.15Back here in our little bit of Chianti it is the weekend after Ferragosto, and this year we feel almost completely abandoned.  La Dispensa in Fiano remains open, bless them, for coffee and groceries catering for the few of us still here and the tourists.  Reading the paper I see that 95% of Fiorentines have abandoned Florence for the coast or mountains, although some museums and art galleries remain open.  This seems even more than last year!  Roads are empty of traffic and most shops and venues will remain closed now until the second week in September; the Italians will try to stretch the holiday out as far as they can, love them!  Roll on September.

2019-08-16 09.13.36Meanwhile, the papers are full of politicians frolicking in the sea sporting more than just a little too much belly.  Parliament is in complete disarray, the alliance is imploding in on itself, so we would not be surprised to see elections in October.  Funny that, probably also in the UK……

2019-08-15 08.39.08But what’s this?  We also read the news about Trenitalia, our famous Italian train service, part owned by the government, is now an invested partner in in the UK’s London to Scotland High speed Rail Link!  Italy does have a very good high speed service, linking Rome and Milan, Florence and Venice and several other places and, the fares are not high like the UK.  In fact travel by rail in Italy is probably the cheapest way to get around,  Just a warning though, when checking on train times, also take a look at the section on train strikes (sciopero(i), which is updated regularly due to the tendency for rail staff to strike as often as Italians take days off for festivals.

2019-08-15 08.22.44But, enough of this.  Just a question, do you love trainers?  Am I the only one who really dislikes trainers, except for sport of course, particularly worn with skirts and worse, evening dresses!  I think they make the wearer look clunky or indeed frumpy in some cases.  They also encourage people to stomp around, forgetting how to walk with a little bit of style or elegance.  Also, men’s feet have become too soft for army boots!  My man is an ex-Royal Marine and is horrified at the inability of young men joining the forces to wear the necessary tough boots.  In the paper I found this crazy Italian guy who has a huge collection of the things.  Well, it takes all sorts to make up a world, I guess.

OK, lets get back to the real world, which ain’t so bad.  The weather has cooled a little at night and the really high daytime temperatures have dropped to between 28 and 32 degrees, so that’s a relief.  But I am now informed that it’s going to get hotter again!

OK, lets get this blog honed and off to you.  Hope you enjoy it and do leave your comments, or email me at june.finnigan@virgin.net

Salute June x

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Benvenuti to all My Loyal and New Followers

My god, it’s the first day of November!  I know, because my man wished me ‘Happy New Month’ this morning when I came up with the fruit juices and climbed back into bed.  It is Sunday of course, and I like to stay in bed just a little longer to read a novel.  I have just finished a really good book called ‘The Insider’ by Ava McCarthy and left a five star review on Amazon.  It’s all about insider trading and hacking and the latter subject is currently of considerable interest to me, as I am working on a writing project all about this.  Watch this space.

The beautiful eighty-one year old Sopia Loren. Dolce Gabbana Advert.

The beautiful eighty-one year old Sophia Loren.
Dolce Gabbana Advert.

Well, my man went off to London to do a bit of business last Monday and come Tuesday I was missing him like crazy.  So I went to see Sandra, my lovely hairdresser, to cheer myself up and to brighten my hair colour.  In the glossy magazine I was reading, I found the most fantastic picture of Sophia Loren.  A long as I can remember, whenever I thought of Italy, it was Sophia who first came to mind.  Not just gorgeous, but a brilliant actress.  Did you ever see the films ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ and ‘Marriage Italian Style’.  If not you really should.  She had the perfect co-star in Marcello Mastroianni; a partnership made in heaven!  Did you know she has made over fifty films?  Yes, fifty.  Now at eighty-one she still looks fantastic and I cannot but smile when I see pictures of her.  She was recently quoted as saying “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes.  It is not something physical.”  Mind you she has an edge on most of us girlies, that is at least from a physical point of view!  Just a random thought; the Italian spelling for Sophia is Sofia, I wonder if the former was a stage name?  Does anyone know?

Golden Fungi in our garden. Name anyone? Photo J Finnigan

Golden Fungi in our garden. Name anyone?
Photo J Finnigan

Meanwhile, the heavens opened on Tuesday and Wednesday, and everywhere was flooded.  But this had its compensations.  Yes of course the gardens and countryside needed it, but it was the fungi that immediately started to pop up everywhere.  Paolo is serving up Tartufo Bianco (white truffles) at C’era una Volta Ristorante and in the garden I spotted this gorgeous display.  Does anyone know the name of these golden coloured fungi?

Italian manstyle with trainers. La Nazione sports magazine.

Italian manstyle with trainers.
La Nazione sports magazine.

Back at the Bar Solferino in Certaldo on Thursday, I relaxed over my morning caffè latte and I could not but help notice an advertisement for Lotto Trainers in the sports magazine.  Now what is so interesting about that, you may ask?  I agree, trainers are trainers.  But for once, here was a picture of an Italian male model wearing the perfect stylish outfit that offset the trainers.  The guy himself was pretty dishy too, but that’s beside the point!  I have never gone for trainers as a fashion item, however, here in Italy they are hugely popular.  There are so many varieties; even gold wedge heeled trainers with fur trims!

The sun breaks through on the glowing autumn vineyards in the valey below. Photo J Finnigan

The sun breaks through on the glowing autumn vineyards in the valley below.
Photo J Finnigan

Later, I returned to our little hilltop villa and breathed in that lovely Autumn damp smell as I walked through the garden.  Below me the vineyards were glowing in the Autumn sunshine and I was once again reminded that ‘life eeeez good, life eeeez now’.

OK, must finish here, hope you enjoyed my ramblings.  Lots to do, places to go and people to see.  Have a really great week and we’ll talk again next weekend.

Salute June x

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'My Father, The Assassin'. Book one in the series.

‘My Father, The Assassin’. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection' Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.



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