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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World

OK, lets get the Virus subject out of the way and then we can get back to enjoying ourselves again.  In our lovely area on the edge of the Chianti Hills everyone is carrying on as normal.  OK, kissing and shaking hands are avoided, which is a little strange for Italians, and washing one’s hands regularly is the only difference.  And yes, travelling and going to crowded venues maybe unwise until we have more news.  Most of the cases are in the north, down here in central Tuscany we have next to nothing.  Most restaurants remain open as do the shops.  And, La Dispensa, our local shop and caffe bar in Fiano, remains a welcoming haven for our morning coffee.

Mayor of florence archiveMeanwhile, the Italian Government are up to their usual wittering about leadership, the original coalition fell apart and the current arrangement is not working either.  Reading the newspaper, I came across this brilliant photo taken in 1953.  It is the mayor of Florence giving a speech and just look at the faces on the guys surrounding him!  You could say ‘nothing has changed’, everyone is seriously bored listening to all the moaning and groaning.

Tartufo in VolterraBut enough of that.  It’s the 1st March, hurrah, and the month for celebrating Tartufu (truffles).  There will be Festas all over the place including our local town of Certaldo, Volterra and Florence.  If you have not been to Volterra, you really should.  It’s about an hour from us and is a beautiful ancient city with a great history.  You could combine the visit with the Tartufo celebrations.  Yesterday, we went to our local restaurant C’era una Volta where my man enjoyed a delicious pasta dish with Tartufo Marzolo (March Truffles) grated over the top.  Yummy.   Sometime this week we will probably head over to Tavernelle and Osteria La Gramola, where they do wonderful creative dishes with seasonal produce, like the Tartufo.  I’ll let you know.

DaffodilBack in our lovely winter garden the daffodils are coming out.  I took this foto this morning as it looked a little lonely on it’s own.  We will not be uncovering the rest of the plants until 1st April; we look forward to that.  The other day, we were visited by a big male fox and he may have gone off with one of our resident wild pheasant hens, as Phil the Cock Pheasant has been making a lot of noise of late.  I saw the naughty fox with a large bird in his mouth being chased by Phil, it may have been a pigeon but probably not.  Whats happening in your garden?

band-relaxed.jpgAnd so, here we are we carrying on as usual.  Enjoying good food, wine and friendships. My next urgent task is to get my repertoire sorted for the concert on June 19th.  So far I’ve decided on six songs so another dozen to go.  I’ll be sending out initial invites soon.  If you are not on my invite email list, send yours to june.finnigan@virgin.net  Exciting isn’t it!

OK, it’s now Monday so must get this blog off to you.  Remember to enjoy every day!

Have a great week.

Salute June x

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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

IMG00020-20100501-1931I would like to mention the passing of my lovely Mother-in-Law Marie at the age of 93.  Marie spent just over a year living with us in Tuscany and she absolutely loved the language, the people and the restaurants.  She had learnt a little Italian and, whilst she mispronounced many words, like absolutamente instead of assolutamente, we loved her for it.  She had a marvellous singing voice and could reach all the high notes, singing along to Andrea Bocelli; her favourite was Ave Maria of course!  Forever with us, darling Marie.  Foto P Finnigan

2019-08-17 08.52.15Back here in our little bit of Chianti it is the weekend after Ferragosto, and this year we feel almost completely abandoned.  La Dispensa in Fiano remains open, bless them, for coffee and groceries catering for the few of us still here and the tourists.  Reading the paper I see that 95% of Fiorentines have abandoned Florence for the coast or mountains, although some museums and art galleries remain open.  This seems even more than last year!  Roads are empty of traffic and most shops and venues will remain closed now until the second week in September; the Italians will try to stretch the holiday out as far as they can, love them!  Roll on September.

2019-08-16 09.13.36Meanwhile, the papers are full of politicians frolicking in the sea sporting more than just a little too much belly.  Parliament is in complete disarray, the alliance is imploding in on itself, so we would not be surprised to see elections in October.  Funny that, probably also in the UK……

2019-08-15 08.39.08But what’s this?  We also read the news about Trenitalia, our famous Italian train service, part owned by the government, is now an invested partner in in the UK’s London to Scotland High speed Rail Link!  Italy does have a very good high speed service, linking Rome and Milan, Florence and Venice and several other places and, the fares are not high like the UK.  In fact travel by rail in Italy is probably the cheapest way to get around,  Just a warning though, when checking on train times, also take a look at the section on train strikes (sciopero(i), which is updated regularly due to the tendency for rail staff to strike as often as Italians take days off for festivals.

2019-08-15 08.22.44But, enough of this.  Just a question, do you love trainers?  Am I the only one who really dislikes trainers, except for sport of course, particularly worn with skirts and worse, evening dresses!  I think they make the wearer look clunky or indeed frumpy in some cases.  They also encourage people to stomp around, forgetting how to walk with a little bit of style or elegance.  Also, men’s feet have become too soft for army boots!  My man is an ex-Royal Marine and is horrified at the inability of young men joining the forces to wear the necessary tough boots.  In the paper I found this crazy Italian guy who has a huge collection of the things.  Well, it takes all sorts to make up a world, I guess.

OK, lets get back to the real world, which ain’t so bad.  The weather has cooled a little at night and the really high daytime temperatures have dropped to between 28 and 32 degrees, so that’s a relief.  But I am now informed that it’s going to get hotter again!

OK, lets get this blog honed and off to you.  Hope you enjoy it and do leave your comments, or email me at june.finnigan@virgin.net

Salute June x

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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World,


“I fancy one of those wide-brimmed Italian hats,” my man announced.  “You know, similar to the guy in the Moretti Beer adverts.” “You mean a Mafia style hat?”  I asked, just to be sure.  “Err, not exactly, but black and wide brimmed.” He mused.  So I set about researching Italian hats and found that Florence had a famous artisan hat-maker called Borsalino.  Now, like Italian hand-made shoes, you cannot buy a hand-crafted hat cheaply.  But what you get is a thing of beauty and of a very high quality and style.  So sometime in April, I might take him into Florence and visit Borsalino at Via Porta Rosso 40, 50123, Firenze. (Florence) Foto Borsalino Website

It will also be an excuse to have lunch at my favourite Gluten Free Ristorante, Quinoa.  website website

2018-03-25 08.59.08Meanwhile, back in the world of politics, there are certain romances going on.  Potential government members are wooing each other and celebrating any agreements with hugs and kisses in The House, and in full view of the cameras.  Mind you, this is Italy, the Italians don’t hide their feelings and are very touchy feely.  But I quite like this, and over the years have found myself becoming more and more that way myself.  However, my English man still prefers to shake hands with Italian men, which they find amusing once they have become good friends.  So back to the forming of a new government; well we are still waiting.  Foto La Repubblica.

2018-03-24 09.15.25On the same subject, a Roman Graffiti artist has painted a mural depicting the two potential leaders, passionately kissing.  You know, a bit like the Gorbachev picture.  Note that Luigi Di Maio, the vertically challenged one on the left, was nominated by the leader of the Five Star Movement for the leadership, as he himself (Grillo) has a police record and could not stand for the position of PM.  So nothing new there.  Matteo Salvini, the portly one on the right, who represents the Northern League and runners-up in the General Election, badly wants the leadership, so this romance may not last long!  Watch this space.  Foto La Repubblica

2018-03-24 09.12.26And what about Exhibitions in Florence?  Now here’s one I must go and see.  A fascinating historical photographic collection of ‘Women in Work’.  So, if you want proof of all the hard work women have successfully completed over the years, this exhibition is for you.  Here in the Chianti countryside, there is still an abundance of male farm workers, however, so many are imported and of course there are thousands of immigrants all desperate for work that again are mainly male.  It is easy to spot an elderly countrywoman, as she is likely be very bent over with gnarled hands.  In small holdings or allotments the elderly can still be seen growing their own fruit and veg, often under the rows of olive trees.  But times have changed, even here in the Tuscan countryside. Foto La Repubblica.

2018-03-24 09.03.38Now, I could not resist showing you this gorgeous feminine Rock Chick look, which I found in La Repubblica newspaper, whilst enjoying my morning coffee in Fiano.  As a rock singer myself, black is my signature colour, but I do love a bit of femininity thrown in too.  I’ve always strongly believed that if you are naturally feminine, you know, dresses, skirts and long hair, why hide it.  Fortunately, I was not a feminist in the sixties, I had no money and could not afford to burn my only bra!  But this did not stop me from being successful in business later on, despite the glass ceiling!  But that’s another story…..  Luisa Spagnoli website

2018-03-23 09.22.19The other thing I read in the paper was about the dangerous state of thousands of mature trees, particularly pines and famiglia trees, here in Tuscany.  They are falling over the roads and their roots are pushing up huge lumps in the tarmac!  It makes me very sad to see many of these trees destined for the chop, but needs must I guess.  Foto La Nazione

2018-03-26 08.02.32But never mind, lets end on a cheerful note.  The sun is shining and our spring/summer resident, Signore Cock Pheasant, is back making a racket so the girlies can hear him.  Last year he bedded down with a hen under our tangley  pomegranate trees, safe from the hunters in the countryside that surrounds our garden.  I hope he finds his amore soon.  Foto J Finnigan.

Well, must get on with the day job, amongst all the other things happening here.  Did you get an invite to my next Rock Concert in June?  No, then email me at june.finnigan@virgin.net

Have a great week.

Salute June x

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